To Generate the VIP Flow for Creation of Synthetic Test Data, the following Files and Structure are needed.

The files that will be used to generate synthetic data should all be in the same folder.

They are:

  • The Configuration sheet (excel file) that you have created and was explained above.

  • The .dll that is the model that was generated.

  • Any Event-hook Flow that you created in the process of specifying the data generation in the excel spreadsheet.

  • The main .vip file (in this case,**to be created**

Example File Folder:


The role of the flow is to combine the configuration sheet information together with the application flow so that the synthetic data can be created in the next step.

  • Open VIP and create a new flow.

  • Save the file (as in the location of the Configuration Sheet and the other relevant files.

  • Go to Tools->Accelerators->Data Generation.

    • Browse to the Data Generation Configuration sheet, Click Process (Make sure the Configuration sheet is closed before doing this).  The Configuration sheet is read which generates the flow to generate the data.

  • Once the flow is generated, please continue to the next section where the final step of executing the flow will be explained.