Adding Parameters

It is possible to add VIP Arguments/Values by opening  VIP, to identify which Argument you would like to add or change.  Then open a text editor such as Notepad++. You can then add the Argument details in the file.

Example  of entering an Argument into a file:

This text file should be saved as XML. You can store multiple Arguments in the same file.

Parameters are also used to control Variables.

Locating Errors in VIP Flows and side-by-side in the Control Spreadsheet

In general, an Error in the Flow is indicated by a red circle with an exclamation mark in it.

Fixing Error with Country

This Error is caused because a Table Name and a Column Name in the Configuration sheet have the same name.  This is not allowed.  In order to fix the problem an '_' is added to the variable name.


Open the Supplier Sheet in the Configuration Spreadsheet

Change  .Country should to  ._Country

Fixing an IF Expression in VIP and the Control Spreadsheet

Using a Function Parameter

Whenever an 'IF' Expression is used, the Value must be Typecast.


Check the Type using the Expression Editor in VIP.

Example: We see that the Type is set to 'Boolean'

It is necessary to Cast the InArgument using CTYPE((…………), Boolean)

Also be sure to put the above Type Casting statement in the Product sheet, FunctionParameters Column of the Configuration spreadsheet:

Product IsDiscontinued "CTYPE((……), Boolean)"

Using a Wrap Expression to change Values after Generation

This demonstrates how to use a Wrap Expression to generate new data based on previously generated data.

Open Order sheet and look at the WRAP_IN_EXPRESSION Column


CTYPE(VALUE, Boolean)  statement

In the In the (IF) Function Parameter Line add the IF statement as above (fixing an IF Expression)

This will have the same effect as in the previous section.

Updating the VIP flow to implement the fixes

In VIP, Save the Flow by going to File->Save and Override the Flow that you have.

Next, Open a blank Flow by going to


Select the Spreadsheet and Process

This may take a bit of time.