Several sheets in the Advanced Control Sheet should never be edited. However, they can be useful for reference when defining iterative subsets. Their contents are explained below.

The RuleList sheet

The RuleList sheet is created when the BUILDMODEL action is run. sheet contains the rules to drive subsetting.

The RuleList sheet should not be edited, but is useful for reference when editing the ProcessModel sheet.

Each Rule is reflected in a row. The columns contained for each rule are:

  1. Direction: "DOWN" or "UP" gives the direction of the relationship between Table and RefTable.

  2. Schema: The Source Schema name.

  3. Table: The Source Table name.

  4. Columns: The Key Column names in the Table.

  5. RefSchema: The Source Schema name.

  6. RefTable: The Source Table name.

  7. RefColumns: The Key Column names in the RefTable

  8. FK_Name: Foreign key name

An example RuleList sheet appears as follows:


This sheet displays the results of the Subset. It is generated by the SUBSET action.

Each row represents a Table and Schema name. The SubsetResults sheet displays the total number of rows in the Staging Table, and the number added by the last SUBSET action.

The columns in the sheet are:

  1. SchemaName: The Staging Schema name.

  2. TableName: The Staging Table name.

  3. RowsInStaging: The total number of rows in the table during staging.

  4. RowsAdded: The number of rows added by the last SUBSET action.

An example SubsetResults sheet appears as follows:


The HashCodes sheets is used by VIP to ensure that the SUBSET action is only run if the control spreadsheet contains an up-to-date ProcessModel sheet.

The sheet holds hashcodes for the SQLCriteria, Tables, ForeignKeys and SoftKeys sheets. If any of these has changed since the last BUILDMODEL action was run, the ProcessModel sheet might then be out of date.

The BUILDMODEL and SUBSET actions use the codes in this sheet to check for any changes to these tables. If the SUBSET action detects that any of the SQLCriteria, Tables, ForeignKeys or SoftKeys have changed in any way since the last BUILDMODEL action, then a warning will be given in the log. The SUBSET action will not then run unless parOverrideBuildmodelRequirement has been set to True.

An example HashCodes sheet appears as follows: