In the Explorer tab of the menu, click on New Model:

Give the new model a name and click on Next step:

Select the Requirement model type and click on Next step:

On the New Model - Tracking dialog, you can set an assignee, an Agile/Kanban state and a priority. Click on Next Step:

On the New Model - Import Requirement dialog, you can enter an Agile User Story or Gherkin script. Click Create Model:

If you leave the Requirement dialog blank, the following will occur:

1. Test Modeller creates the model and marks it as a Requirements type. Click on it to open it.

2. Modeller automatically creates an Agile User Story flow for you to complete.

If you fill in the Requirement dialog as below (note the full stops at the end of each line):

When you create and open the the model, Test Modeller will create a flow based on your requirements: