Test Modeller provides the ability for Manual Testers and Automation frameworks to find and make data and most importantly, to allocate the found data to tests.

The Core Features and Benefits:

  • The utility will hunt for the correct test data in back end databases, via APIs, the application (front end) or by parsing files, this data is then allocated to specific tests.

  • If data cannot be found VIP can run automation to make the missing data, either directly into your testing databases, via an API or through the front and back end applications.

  • VIP can call other tools as part of the preparation framework.

  • It is easy create standard queries that can be used by multiple teams, these queries are then linked to tests and used to test specific parameters.

  • Tests can request a unique lock on data that will be transacted against, therefore, no other test can use that data.

  • Any existing matched data will be checked to see if the data is still valid. Does it still match the data requirements?

  • Matching data can be identified from different back end databases allowing for cross-system integration.

  • Multiple rows of data can be allocated to any test.

You can also use VIP to manage the pools and catalogues. Within VIP, select 'Testinsight – TDM' to view all the actions:

For help with setting up this execution server, click HERE