The data generation functions can be combined with one another, as well as with standard Excel functions. This flexibility creates a comprehensive set of functions for generating synthetic test data.

Combining functions sequentially with "&"

Functions can be combined using the standard "&" symbol. This creates data sequentially within a cell, with each function separated by an "&" executed independently. The generated data is then combined in the order written in the formula.
For instance, the formula

=DataGen.Name.FirstName() & " " & DataGen.Name.LastName()

Will return a first name followed by a space, and then a last name, separated by a space:

Ramon Karlsson

The Parse Function

The Data Generation Add-In also provides a parse function for combining functions in a complex formula.

The parse function returns a string value after resolving a set of functions specified in order. It provides an alternative approach to combining functions using only squiggly brackets, which some users might find quicker and simpler.

Returns a string value after resolving a set of functions specified in the format =DataGen.Random.Parse("function1 function2 functionN").

For example, the formula 

=DataGen.Random.Parse("address.streetname address.zipcode")

Will return a street name, followed by a city name and a zipcode:

Tyrique Oval South Jerod 98725

O'Conner Junctions New Nicolaberg 71746

Rosenbaum Gardens East Vernice 68307