Overview of Solutions and Components
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    Overview of Solutions and Components

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    Article Summary

    This section is an overview of how to use and build up Test Data and Automation capabilities using VIP and Test Modeller.

    The core features are:

    1. VIP – Visual Integration Processor. This allows the creation and running of VIP flows, these have a suffix of .vip or .enc.vip for encrypted flows
    2. VIP Executor – one or many server engines. The VIP Executor server will pick up jobs defined in Modeller and execute them.  These jobs can be standard shipped VIP Flows, Internal Modeller processes or Custom VIP flows
    3. Test Modeller – The UI that allows the definition and maintenance of modelling assets. Test Modeller also allows for the components to be registered and assembled into solutions.  These can then be invoked directly using VIP Executor – single job submission; by incorporating Solutions or components as part of models of variations; by incorporating Solutions or components as part of Data journeys
    4. Batch execution – Components or solutions can be invoked in batch as part of DevOps processes, they can be invoked by:
      1. Submitting a job remotely to the VIP Executor
      2. Running a windows command scripts
      3. Running the flow directly
      4. By putting flows in memory using the VIP Server manager and then invoking the flow on the same or a remote machine.

    For each feature, parameters are passed in using the following methods:

    • VIP - via an xml control;
    • VIP Executor - by editing a windows command;
    • Test Modeller - by entering the parameters into the Arguments section of the flows;
    • Batch execution - by defining parameters in the invocation string.